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Fascias, gutters and solar panel cleaning

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Our cleaning equipment doesn't only work on windows - its also brilliant for cleaning a variety of other high level exterior surfaces such as fascias, gutters and solar panels.  The Reach & Wash® system that we use is ideal for keeping solar panels clean and operating at peak efficiency. Moreover the system does not use harsh chemicals, just pure water, making this an extremely environmentally friendly way of cleaning. Many clients find that once the high level access equipment is in place for cleaning windows, it makes perfect sense to also get other high level surfaces cleaned at the same time. 

Fascia cleaning

Our experienced team, with their many years experience of high level cleaning are well equipped to clean other high level surfaces such as building fascias. 

Gutter cleaning

Using our high level access equipment we can easily access and clean gutters to prevent blockages that can cause costly damage to a building. 

Solar panel cleaning

The Reach & Wash® system that we use is ideal for keeping solar panels clean and operating at peak efficiency. 

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Case Studies

The Spectrum building

Cleaning Bristol's landmark glass buildings 

The spectrum building is a six-storey glazed office building located at the foot of the M32 in the center of Bristol. The beautiful glass façades of the building reflect the sky and its surroundings and it has become one of the city’s best known landmark buildings. Keeping these clean is a challenging task!

Bristol Marriott


We have been cleaning the windows of the long-established Bristol Marriott City Centre hotel for more than 10 years. We use a combination of abseiling and cherry pickers to reach the hotel's high level windows and keep them looking sparkling clean.


Read all about our brilliant window cleaning for retailers

Window displays are all-important for showing-off products and enticing shoppers to come into the shop to browse and buy. For Waterstones, making sure that their shop windows are clear and sparkling clean helps ensure that their brilliant book display is shown-off to its best advantage.

Our Client Testimonials

“If I ever need any additional last minute cleaning done, Shaun and his team always gets things sorted really quickly and without any fuss. I would thoroughly recommend them to any business looking for a professional, reliable and cost efficient window cleaning company.” ”

Tony Torrington - Operations Manager of The Galleries Bristol

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