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Prudential Building - brilliant window cleaning assured

STP has cleaned the windows of the Prudential Building, an iconic Victorian building located in Wine Street in the centre of Bristol, for over 18 years. As with many buildings of its time, each window is made up of lots of small panes of glass therefore, cleaning by hand achieves the best possible results.

The Prudential Building is a tall building; five stories at the front, with a drop at the rear making it eight stories at the back. It was designed in the latter half of the 19th Century by the English architect Alfred Waterhouse who built 27 buildings for the Prudential Assurance Company. As with many older buildings, each window is made up of lots of small panes of glass, so if we used our Reach & Wash® system on this style of window, the water would pool on the ledge of each pane and then trickle down leaving unsightly streaks. Cleaning by hand is the therefore the best way to approach the job and we use our abseil team to access and hand clean each individual window pane and leave the windows looking sparkling clean.

Health and safety fully covered  

It takes two fully qualified abseilers a full day of cleaning to complete the job. They descend the face of the building using a doubled rope coiled around their body and fixed at a higher point. It’s not a job for the faint hearted - it takes a certain kind of person to enjoy doing this work. Like a pilot, an abseiler needs to keep up his hours in order to retain his licence. Our abseilers are have passed the rigorous IRATA qualifications and, of course, all work is carried out in accordance with the strict IRATA guidelines – including checking wind speeds on the day of the clean. 

The building’s management team knows they can trust us to do a great job and, with our excellent track record on health and safety, they are able to rest assured that the work will be carried out in accordance with the strict IRATA guidelines associated with abseil cleaning.

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“STP’s commercial window cleaning service perfectly complements our exterior building cleaning service. We have extremely high standards and know that we can rely on STP’s highly qualified cleaners to carry out an excellent job. ”

Max Morris, Director of The Jet Washing Company

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